Heated Storage

Everything larger than 10 x 10 is drive-up. Smaller units are located on hallways. Our main building, about two acres, is kept between 55 and 60 degrees in the winter and stays naturally cool in the summer. There is a fire sprinkler system to protect your belongings. All units are 10 feet high.

Two driveways run across the building. Enter your personal code number to drive in. Load and unload and organize your things protected from the weather. Drive right up to the larger units. The smaller units are down a short hallway.

We provide a lock and two keys. You are charged a $15 deposit that is refunded when you return the lock and keys.

Access is limited to office hours. For security reasons, we do not allow customers in the building when our staff isn’t there to keep an eye on things.

Note: sizes are given in feet and are approximate.